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Translation and language training services: two branches of the same tree

Our language training services strengthen the link between knowledge workers and the clients they serve. Our translation services contribute to the efficiency and profitability of local companies and multinationals in our area.

Knowledge, skills, and culture are the keys to our business philosophy and serve as the basis on which we have been providing businesses and educational institutions in the knowledge, production, and cultural sectors with high-quality translation and Dutch language training services for the past decade.

The three benefits

Turnover growth

(qT * Zb) * 1,5 [1] = ΔO
(Number of texts * Visibility) * 1.5 = Δ Turnover

Every translation delivered by TM adds to the ‘linguistic assets’ of your company. A polished text written by a native speaker strengthens the business image of your company, on both sides of the border. This, in turn, raises your profile and strengthens your position in the market, resulting in greater opportunities for increased revenues.

[1] Studies by 'Fortune 500' have made it clear that companies which invest in translation services increase their chances of realising turnover growth by a factor of 1.5.

Time savings

(qTM - t) = Δt + ΔR

(Total energy invested by TM * total hours) = your actual benefit in time and relaxation

Time is a critical asset, time to do what you really want to do. At Taalbureau Maastricht, our focus is on taking care of your language issues for you. This gives you more time and space for yourself and frees you up to focus on your own core business activities.

‘Outsourcing activities that are not part of your core business or that simply cost you too much energy’ is a classic strategy advocated by marketing gurus such as Timothy Ferriss.

Employee loyalty

Δ tl TM= Δ sK
Investment in language training at Taalbureau Maastricht = Increase in your social capital

Your employees are your most important asset, and investing in your social capital is essential for the future of your business. The language training services we provide make knowledge workers more self-assured and effective in their work. After all, language is one of the most basic human skills. We make sure that our trainees feel comfortable enough in Dutch to actually use this basic tool, whether it’s for getting bread from the baker or addressing an important meeting.

Language is an investment with returns in the future.