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The team

10 years of experience in providing translation services and language training for businesses in the knowledge, production, and cultural sectors


Nathalie de Schipper:

Captain of the ship & owner TM, senior sworn translator, NT2 teacher (learning Dutch as a second language); driving force behind creation of Taalbureau Maastricht, with its cradle in France; a focus on detail as well as the big picture;.


Olaf Branbergen:

Senior translator, specialised in technical translations including legal documents; answers your questions preferably by email; comes with a huge built-in memory bank, always finds the time to find the right words.


Susan van Heijster:

NT2 teacher and translator, not only passionate about Dutch, but also about the Spanish language. Never at a loss for words or a laugh.


Bastiaan Doedee:

Office manager and NT2 teacher. Stands in good stead, acts straight to the point. The early bird of our team; ready to be at your service as of eight o’clock in the morning.

Your texts and communications perfectly in tune with your target audience. Your knowledge workers will communicate effectively in Dutch.