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Background of Taalbureau Maastricht

Having to start over again in a different country, in a different language – we know how that feels.

From scratch.

How do you survive in a new country? The cradle of Taalbureau Maastricht is located in France and also a bit in Russia. In the early 1990s, Nathalie de Schipper spent four intensive years in these countries and came up with the idea of starting a language bureau. After all, how do you survive in a new country?

TM grew further by attracting and hiring work placement students from the Translation Academy, who never seemed to shy away from anything. The Translation Academy is a very selective programme, where roughly 75% of students drop out before finishing. The in-house culture there attracts language nerds – relaxed individuals who know how to appreciate language quips: ‘make that the cat wise’.

So what else do the TM team members have in common? They share a common passion for helping others with and via language but also believe it’s important to first find out what that other really needs. As a result of our services, others end up worrying less. Our aim is to help knowledge workers feel more relaxed and aware of local habits and customs in the Netherlands. And if all you need is a translation, not to worry. We’ll take care of that for you as well, quickly and efficiently, and in line with your specific wishes and needs.

Taalbureau Maastricht: the language specialists in everything related to knowledge, skills, and culture